Welcome to Michigan Township Participating Plan

The Michigan Township Participating Plan was formed in April of 1985 under the enabling legislation known as Public Act 138. It was formed to provide a stable insurance market for governmental entities who, up to then, were paying exorbitant prices for limited coverage, or in some cases, were being forced to go without coverage in key areas.

The Par Plan is a unique and proven, member-driven system that has effectively provided affordable, tailored property and casualty coverages to small and medium-sized Michigan public entities for many years. Members of the Par Plan all share common goals and needs specific for public entities. Through participation in the Par Plan, they create a team approach to meeting those goals and needs. The Par Plan is a proven, historical stable program with a 98% member retention rate and a strong, long-term working relationship with its program reinsurers.

The Michigan Township Participating Plan develops coverage programs specific to every members needs because we know that there isn't any one coverage that can satisfy the needs of each and every municipality. We offer as diverse a number of coverages as there are public entities.

Over 1,300 current members already know why The Par Plan is #1 in the state. If you are not yet a member and are considering changing or obtaining a proposal for your property and libaility coverage - give us a call today at 248-371-3137. We'll show you how The Par Plan can benefit your community, how it can save you money and why our members stay with The Plan year after year. We believe you too will find that the choice is obvious.