Risk Control Service

The cornerstone of the Par Plan is its Risk Control program. The Michigan Township Participating Plan responds to its members through the application of uniform underwriting criteria addressing members’ exposure to loss.

The use of professional risk control personnel trained to meet the members specific departmental needs allows for the application of meaningful risk control techniques. Techniques that are specifically designed for governmental entities to assist in the prevention and reduction of potential losses. By accepting the assistance of the Risk Control Department and following established Risk Control procedures and maintaining an ongoing dedication to loss prevention, members make the commitment to contain and control premium costs and assure the continuation of long-term availability of coverages for their municipality.

Here is a map of our Risk Control Field Reps and the counties they are aligned to.

Our Risk Control Service is implemented through a variety of methods including:

Risk Control Profiles and Recommendations

Physical visits to the municipality to meet with department supervisors to discuss their specific operations as they pertain to the municipality. The visit is then followed by a written review and recommendations regarding risk exposures.

Special Events, Hold Harmless and Indemnification Language Reviews

Review of indemnification language from a risk control standpoint with suggestions for reducing potential exposures to the municipality.

Advisory Committees

Our Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement Advisory Committees, comprised of statewide professional personnel, meet quarterly to address and update current policies, develop new policies and to ensure that our program members are in compliance with federal and state laws.

Technical Assistance

Our Risk Control Department provides assistance through on-site surveys, interviews, inspections and discussions to assess problem areas. Risk Control personnel are continually trained and updated on the latest laws, reforms, statutes and issues that could potentially affect municipalities.

Free Workshops, Conferences and Meetings

In addition to tailored, issue specific seminars, the Risk Control Department assists, sponsors and presents free workshops, conferences and meetings on the following topics:

• Know Your Liabilities
• Risk Management for Governmental Entities
• Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
• Fire Service Liability
• Liability and Special Events
• Cemetery Liabilities

Benefits to Par Plan Members

• Free of Cost
• Grant Program
• Pre-Loss Prevention Techniques
• Post-Loss Reduction Techniques
• Member Continuing Education

Our 97% member retention rate is proof that our proven loss control techniques form the cornerstone of our continued success.

For further information regarding our Risk Control Services, please call us at 800-536-7425